Key of A
let me tell you the story of
O R P H E U S, a boy
{ cursed } with his love for
m u s i c...

M!A: none and accepting
FC: Thomas Brodie-Sangster
Fem!FC: Taissa Farmiga

{Mun and Muse are NOT of age}

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key of a
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Help!, 1965

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that moment when you realize you’re shit at rping your character


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"That’s not just Gordon Ramsey 
though. There are lots of people 
who are like that. The man just 
happens to do it in a aggressive 
yet effective manner.”


"Mm… I like your hair better
though. Much softer probably.”

"Well, yeah, but he gets paid
for it. When does that happen to

"His hair does look like it could impale
you, though. But I’m touched. Usually 
your words pierce me like icicles but 
now I just feel… a knife with a dull edge, 

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"Do ya want my honest 


Yes. It is.”

"He tells people exactly what
he thinks of them with no reper-
cussions; dream life, if you ask

"And plus he’s got some bomb-
ass hair.”

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"When I grow up, all I want
to be is Chef Ramsay.”

"Is it really so difficult?"

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Okay, fine! I’ll go. But I’m going to
complain the whole time, just so
you know.”

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talk 2 me about characters learning how to be cared about

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guys help who should i got as to comic con on saturday

no one from anime lemme tell u 

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