Key of A
let me tell you the story of
O R P H E U S, a boy
{ cursed } with his love for
m u s i c...

M!A: none and accepting
FC: Thomas Brodie-Sangster
Fem!FC: Taissa Farmiga

{Mun and Muse are NOT of age}

[Independent , multiverse OC blog.]

~BLOG EST. JAN. 01 2014~
key of a
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1 out of 70

"—-Goonies never say die.”

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reblog if you’re an asshole

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You’ve got the entirety of one ask to try and get my character to hit yours.



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It’s scientific fact that it’s almost
impossible to fight against the
Gallagher pout, but Finn is doing
his absolute best. It’s not working all
that well.

         “———-Are you gonna let me win next time?”

And poof, the puppy veneer is gone.
"Not unless you stop deliberately leaving 
banana peels right in front of me.” 

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"I’m sorry and stuff. You know. For
throwing a blue shell at you in Mario
Kart. So… will you be my friend again?”
Cue big puppy eyes. “Please?” He 
pushed out his bottom lip.


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so many new sangster blogs to follow wowowow thanks maze runner

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Didn’t know I needed this till right now

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Tears moistened Newt’s eyes, and Thomas was sure that even within the dark chamber of memories that were locked away, out of his reach, he’d never seen someone look so sad.
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back from random unexplained hiatus! and andrew’s feeling f-r-i-s-k-y… so, like for a starter if you want to talk to this annoying shithead!

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u ever come back to a blog after a hiatus it’s like rising from the dead

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